A guide to printing and scanning services

Service Overview 

Acadia offers a Campus Printing solution for students, faculty and staff. This campus-wide copy, scan, and print management solution allows any member of the Acadia community with a valid ID card to send a print job to the central print queue, and pick it up from the device of their choice.

Benefits of the printing management solution include:

  • Security. Validate access with tap cards or device login.
  • Mobility Print. Securely print from any device (laptop, desktop, phone or tablet) to any Konica Minolta on campus.
  • Secure Print Release: Print to a secure print queue and collect at any device on campus. Ensure sensitive and confidential documents don't start printing until you are there to collect it.
  • Direct scan to email: Greater document flexibility.
  • Stapling and sorting functionality on most devices.
  • Enhanced Budgeting/Monitoring: Increased flexibility with charges for printing, built in tracking, and less manual tracking for accounting purposes. 
    • The costs of the paper, toner, staples, and maintenance are included in the cost per page printed.
    • Printing and copying charges billed conveniently:
      • For students: charges are billed monthly to your Student Account 
      • For faculty and staff: charges are billed to your department, allowing for automated charge-back and easier reconciliation, resulting in a lowered workload for fund financial managers / fund holders and their financial administrative staff.

Technology Services provides additional scanning services for faculty and staff.

  • Technology Services has a scanner that can read and process Scantron bubble sheets.

Who can use this service

Acadia students

Acadia students must meet the following criteria

  • Have a valid Acadia username and password or Acadia Student ID (tap card).

Academic buildings:

  • The Vaughan Memorial library offers access to student on campus printing. 
  • Individual access to departmental printers is available upon request. Departmental approval is required.   
Acadia faculty, staff and guests

Acadia faculty, staff and guests must meet the following criteria

  • Have a valid Acadia username and password or an Acadia Employee ID (tap card)

Departmental Printers

  • Can access any Konica Minolta device on campus. See Availability for list of devices across campus.
  • Charges will go to an employee's default department.
  • Printing, copying and scanning also available at the Vaughan Memorial Library. 

Technology Services Scantron Scanner

  • Faculty and staff can use the Technology Services Scantron scanner for their classroom tests and surveys.
  • Scantron sheets are available for purchase from the Service Desk
Acadia visitors 

Visitors to campus can pay to use the Vaughan Memorial library. 

  • See Circulation Desk staff for an access card.   

How to request access

  • Students are automatically set up to access printing services located in the library.
  • Access to individual department printers are upon request by the department

See the Student Printing article for further information regarding installation instructions for Secure Print, printing, and information if you bring your own printer for residence.

See mobility print instructions 

  • For Mobility Print, you must be on campus, signed into the Acadia Wi-Fi network. Use your Acadia username (the characters in your email before the @acadiau.ca) and your password.
Faculty, staff and guests
  • Employees and guests are automatically set up to access printing services located across campus
  • Charges are defaulted to the department. Additional project or alternate charges are available upon request.

See the Index of Printing setup articles to find instructions for installation instructions for Secure Print, your operating system and setting your default printer.

See Mobility Print Instructions

  • For Mobility Print, you must be on campus, signed into the Acadia Wi-Fi network. Use your Acadia username (not email) and your password.
Visitors  Visit the Circulation Desk Library staff for access to a charge card.
Key Operators

Each department/division has identified a key operator. This individual is is designated as the key contact for Konica Minolta. Key operators are responsible for the following: 

  • Contacting Konica Minolta for repairs of the copier.
  • Adding and removing users from the Address Book.
  • Ordering toner supplies for the unit.

Training for key operator is supplied through Konica Minolta from the support phone number printed on the machine.  


There is a cost associated with printing on campus.

Costs depend on the location of printing, whether printing in Black and White/Colour, single (simplex) or double-sided (duplex) and type of device found in the department.

View Printing Summaries

  • Each individual and departments has a printing log, available at https://papercut.acadiau.ca/user.
  • Departmental key operators will receive usage and charge reports on the first of each month, for the previous month. 

Costs associated with chart below are effective October 4, 2022.

Department Printing

Type of Printer Black & White Colour
BIZHUB 4050/4052

$0.044/single side printing

$0.066/double sided printing


$0.039//single sided printing

$0.058//double sided printing

BIZHUB C368/C458

$0.039/single sided printing

$0.058/double sided printing

$0.089/single page


  ** See Understanding simplex and duplex charges and reports

$0.10/single sided printing 

$0.15/double sided printing

$0.25/single sided printing

$0.375/double sided printing

The cost of paper, toner, staples, maintenance and training are included in the cost per page. 

Each department is responsible for filling up their devices with paper. Contact the Print Shop to order paper. Konica Minolta is responsible for toner and other materials. 


Understanding printing charges and reports

Simplex and Duplex

PaperCut counts a single side (simplex) of printing as a one page. For example, if you have a 50 page Word document, PaperCut counts this as a 50 page document, whether it is printed single-sided or double sided (duplex).

When calculating the cost of a job, the duplex discount is only applied to pages when there is printing on both sides of a sheet paper. If a document contains an odd number of pages, the duplex discount is not applied to the last page. For example, if a 11 page document is printed as duplex, the duplex discount is applied to the first 10 pages, but not the last page.

Some printers allow multiple copies of a document to be printed as a single job. PaperCut calculates the cost using the above rules. i.e. If a copy contains an odd number of pages, it does not apply the discount to the last page of each copy.

For example:

  • A: 2 pages, duplex. This is charged as 1 print job, duplex rate.
  • B: 1 page, duplex. This is charged as 1 print job, simplex rate. 
Secure Print

Although PaperCut contains Secure Print rates, these are not reflected in the actual charges. You will be charged the rate associated with the device. 

For example:

  • Secure-Print Release panel indicates a 2 page, black and white duplex as $0.20 charge
  • The print job is released at a departmental printer.
  • The PaperCut portal indicates that the user was charged $0.074.  


  • Printing, scanning and copying is available on all Konica Minolta Multi-Functional Printing devices. List of Available devices.
  • Access to the Library devices is based on Library's Hours of Operations. 
  • Physical access to departmental copiers behind locked doors is based on access assigned by Access Control, Department of Safety and Security.  
  • Test Scanning available in Technology Services. Access to the Service Desk during regular working hours.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Refunds
    • Refunds are provided only if the quality is faulty. Mistakes are not refunded.  
    • See Printing Refund Policy.
  • ID Tap doesn't work
    • Visit the TS Service Desk to determine whether your card is faulty or whether you have a Tap Card.They will help you investigate. 
  • What are shared accounts?

    • Each user has at least one account to which they can print, scan, and copy. Some users may have multiple accounts to which they charge their work.  For example, a departmental administrator or faculty member who splits their time in different departments or a researcher who has a both a Research and Departmental GL.  
    • Additional shared accounts can be created and changed as needs arise.  
    • When printing or accessing the photocopier/scanner, you will be asked to select the appropriate account for the work. If you have a Shared Account you will see a Pop-Up when printing or a Selection List when accessing the photocopier/scanner.  If you do not see a Pop-Up when printing or a Selection List when accessing the photocopier/scanner, you have only 1 account to which your work is charged. 
    • Changes and additions to shared account can be requested using the following HUB service. Please note that some requests can take longer due to required approvals by the shared account owners and Financial Services.
  • How to access a device outside of your department. 
    • Using your Acadia User ID and Password or Tap Card, you can access any Multi-Functional Device on campus. It will be charged to your account rather than the department whose machine you are using. List and location of KM Devices.    
  • My printer has additional features, such as hole punch. How do I get that working?
    • You can always install the additional features. 
  • What are Scantron Bubble sheets?
    • Answer sheets that are fillable by the students and then can be scanned.  There are certain limitations to the sheets. They sheets themselves have to be able to be read by the scanner. Please contact the Service Desk for more information. 
  • Secure-Print has a different rate than what I was charged?
    • The rates associated with Secure-Print do not reflect the charges. When you release your print job, you are charged the rate associated with the particular device. For example, if you release at the Public Library printers, you will be charged a different rate than the Departmental 368 devices. 

Best practices

  • Register your tap card the first time you access the device.
  • Learn about mobility print and set up for your device. 
  • Install Secure Print queue for printing your documents.
  • Install your default printer. 
  • Double sided printed and copying helps save the planet.
  • Print in black and white where possible. Black and white printing helps reduce the costs of printing.  
  • Question about your printing, scanning or copying? Take a look in Papercut to see your job log. 

Training and documentation

See the Index of Printing setup articles.


  • Review the Konica Minolta Trouble Shooting Guide. 
  • Submit a Technical Issue. The Service Desk provides technical support during business hours.   
  • Recycle toner. This is coordinated by Acadia's Sustainability Office and Clover Technologies. Visit http://konicaminolta.ca/en/business/clean-planet for details and to print postage paid shipping labels. For more information, visit the How to Recycle and Order Toner
  • Ordering toner and other supplies. Konica Minolta is responsible for toner and other materials. For more information, visit the How to Recycle and Order Toner. Konica Minolta's contact information is available on the front of the device. 
  • Ordering Paper: Each department is responsible for filling up their devices with paper. Contact the Print Shop to order paper.
  • Get a tap card. Tap cards are available through the Department of Safety and Security, Access Control.  For more information, please see How to Obtain an ID Card.
    • For lost, stolen or defective cards, please contact the Department of Safety and Security. 




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