How to set up Eduroam

Eduroam (education roaming) is a wireless service that allows students, staff, and faculty to use their own institution’s wireless credentials to access wireless network services when visiting any other eduroam affiliated institution without having to set up a guest account.  Once set up your wireless services will work at any other eduroam member institution in the world. Any Acadia University student, faculty or staff wishing to use eduroam when traveling should configure their device prior to leaving.

Acadia Clients - Setup

1. Use the following User Credentials for your eduroam Wi-Fi set up 

  • SSID is “eduroam” (also known as the network name).
  • Username is your email address. For example, 
    • Faculty/
    • Students =; and 
    • Graduate (please note there is no dot separating first and last name)

2. Select the appropriate Operating System for instructions on how to set up Wi-Fi on your particular system:

On campus, Acadia clients are encouraged to use the normal Acadia network, as it is our primary network.  If you experience issues while attempting to access eduroam wireless service at another institution, contact Acadia University’s Technology Services – Service Desk for assistance. 

Visitor Setup

  • You need to be setup for eduroam at your own institution prior to visiting Acadia University.
  • Our implementation of eduroam utilizes WPA2/AES.
  • Please contact your home institution to obtain setup instructions particular to your institution.
  • Note that the Acadia Technology Services Computing Policy applies to guest users.

Restrictions of eduroam​

  • Any network restrictions are at the discretion of the institution providing the service.
  • Acadia University provides eduroam users with basic internet connectivity.
  • There is no guarantee that eduroam will provide the same access to resources as the home or visited institution’s wifi network.
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