SharePoint Training Videos and Resources

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There are many resources on SharePoint use.  

Here are our favorites: 

1. Explore Microsoft's videos at Microsoft Office Training Videos

2. SharePoint Maven blog at SharePoint Maven Blog

Below is a link to various external help articles: 



Understanding SharePoint

SharePoint Online Quick Start

SharePoint Tutorial - What is SharePoint (

SharePoint Beginner Training (SharePoint Maven)


How to create a document in O365

Create a document in OneDrive

How to edit a document in in O365 and change file name

View and edit files in SharePoint

SharePoint – Editing a document in a document library

Working with files

How to collaborate and a document and see who has “shared files with me”


Co-editing a document

How to Add, Modify, and view permissions on a SharePoint site

Understanding permission levels in SharePoint

How to create and edit permissions levels

Customizing SharePoint Site permissions


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