Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams is a platform that offers communication, collaboration and document storage. From within Teams, you can access Microsoft applications, documents, email, calendar, phone and quick chatting.  

  • Teams is available to faculty, staff, and all students using your Acadia network credentials.
  • Guests (external to Acadia) can be invited to collaborate within a Team. 
  • Teams is available for Windows and Mac Operating systems, with web and desktop versions.
  • To access Teams and other applications use: 
  • It is recommended that you Download the Desktop App. 

Technology Services has assembled a few materials and links to training videos or series of training.  Whether you have been using Teams or are new to the application, there are always things to learn!


Acadia's Learning Technologies and Instructional Design

LTID has several resources and videos related to Microsoft Teams in the classroom. Keep checking their site; the list is constantly growing. Here are a few:

How to provide a Class Team Link to Your Students

How to Record Lectures

How to ensure only the Instructor can present in Teams

Reference Materials

Attached is a Teams Quick Start Guide. It provides a basic infographic version of Teams functionality. 

Microsoft Materials

1. Free instructor led series. Microsoft provides several opportunities for self directed Teams training. These are free Live online training classes designed to get you up and running in Teams.

Additional Materials and Videos

3.  Microsoft Teams Essentials 01 - Teams and Channels. This 14 minute video is the first of a series from Big Brains. It is provided in a teacher/student format. Subsequent videos are available from this channel - Teams and Channels (lesson 1) Chat and Meetings (lesson 2) Best Practices (lessons 3-5). When should you create a Team or a Channel? Preventing duplicate Team or Channel names Using Tabs to connect to key apps Tips for using Search How to make sure Notifications is alerting you to the right conversations and events Three ways to edit a Document in Teams How to find misplaced Files How to get people to start using Teams.

4. Microsoft Teams Tutorial. This 45 minute video provides Introduction 0:03 What is Teams? 0:33 Web App vs Desktop App 1:06 Creating and Adding Team Members 3:04 Creating Channels 9:04 Managing Channels 15:01 Chat 16:22 Collaborating 21:48 Meetings 25:20 Video Calls 31:47 Integration with Other Apps 33:20 Activity and Feed 37:33 Search 39:07 Settings and Notifications 40:59 Conclusion 45:50.  

Tips & Tricks 

If you are looking for shorter videos or just a few features or tips and tricks, the following are available. 

5. Teams Cool Features.  This 5 minute video will show you how to get more work done in Microsoft's Collaboration Application, Teams. Tip #1: Files View (0:59) - Work on your personal files within Microsoft Teams. Tip #2: Your OneDrive (2:36) - Work on your OneDrive files within Microsoft Teams. Tip #3: Different ways to edit files (3:05) - Choose which way to work on your files. Tip #4: Ellipses View (4:15) - Access your Planner and OneNote views to see a personal view of those apps.

6. Microsoft Teams Best Features - Tips and Tricks. This 6 minute video will give you some of the tips and tricks when using Microsoft Teams!  Tip#1 - Post and Email to Teams (0:27) Tip#2 - Bookmark content in Teams (1:16) Tip#3 - Add Title to a Group Chat (1:56) Tip#4 - Add Connectors (2:22) Tip#5 - Recording Transcripts (2:53) Tip#6 - Add Applications (3:38) Tip#7 - Shortcuts & Commands (4:18) Tip#8 - It's NOT just for Teamwork (5:42)

7. Ten Microsoft Teams tips in twenty minutes. This 20 minute video  is a theater session and provides ten quick tips on how to improve your Microsoft Teams skills.


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