Technology Services Plan for Supporting Work from Home

Technology Services (TS) provides technical support through the following means:

  1. A user creates a ticket in The Hub
  2. The Hub is used to track progress
  3. The Hub sends notifications by email
  4. TS staff may contact users by MS Teams or phone, as necessary
  5. The regular Service Desk phone number is answered as resources permit (902-585-4357)

If transport of a user's office computer (either laptop or desktop) to their home is approved by their Dean/Director, TS  provides remote support:

  1. The Dean/Director must notify TS through a Loan Request Form of the equipment being removed from campus
  2. The user is responsible for transporting and setting up the equipment in a safe and secure manner at their home
  3. The user is responsible for safe and secure transport of the computer back to campus at a appointed time
  4. TS will be processing all returned computers for CyberSecurity threats during scheduled appointments
  5. If necessary, TS can provide a network cable to connect the user's personal computer to their home router
  6. If a wired connection is not possible at the user's home, TS must confirm whether a WiFi adapter is an option
  7. WiFi adapters are subject to availability

Hardware repair:

  1. TS provides a drop off centre for hardware repairs (BAC Service Desk)
  2. Drop off is by appointment only
  3. Computers are triaged and repairs prioritized based on need and availability of parts and resources
  4. Loaner systems are very limited and available for emergencies only
  5. Prioritization:
    1. TS is operating in emergency response mode; requests will be prioritized by severity and respond accordingly
    2. Changes to system configuration to accommodate new operating processes will not generally be considered
    3. The situation is fluid so prioritization criteria may change over time


  1. The pandemic has created an ideal opportunity for cyberattackers; be hyper-sensitive to demands for information or money at this time; no legitimate organization will demand money or information on short notice
  2. TS will not be providing additional anti-malware software for use at home
  3. TS provides a VPN service for secure access to certain services; this will continue unchanged


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Thu 3/19/20 9:35 AM
Fri 3/20/20 3:47 PM