Faculty using Acadia-owned systems must contact the Service Desk to have SPSS installed.

The following article will assist students in the purchase of SPSS for use in your courses and does not apply to Faculty of Acadia. This process will involve purchasing from an online store, will require a form of payment, and requires access to your Acadia email.
If you are entering the software store for first time or have not logged in during the current academic year, you will need to have an email sent to your Acadia email account for verification. This step confirms that you are a student and are entitled to the student pricing. Please ensure that your Acadia email account is working before registering or signing into the software store.

Purchase software from Acadia's software store:

  • Visit http://acadiau.onthehub.com.
  • If you have not used the site before:
    You will have to register by clicking on the “Register” button and following the steps. Once you’ve registered, you sign in to the site using the username and password that you set up.
  • If after login in you receive the following error "There are no products available for purchase at this time.":
    Please see the Related Articles section to the lower right of this knowledge base article.
  • Once you are in the store, click on the “More Software” tab.
  • Under “Data Analysis”, click on the appropriate version of SPSS.
    Be sure to purchase the correct version of SPSS needed for your course. The incorrect version will not give you access to all the analysis you will need.
    (If your course is not listed, please seek information from professor on what version to buy)

    -All Psychology courses requiring SPSS will need you to purchase “IBM ® SPSS ® Statistics Gradpack” ("Standard version", not the "Base")
    -SOCI 2013 requires “IBM ® SPSS ® Statistics Gradpack” ("Base version", check if your other courses have higher requirements)
    -SOCI 3163 requires “IBM ® SPSS ® Statistics Gradpack” ("Base version", check if your other courses have higher requirements)
    -BUSI 3473 requires “IBM ® SPSS ® Statistics Gradpack” ("Base version", check if your other courses have higher requirements)
  • After your SPSS version selection, select Windows or Mac (the operating system that you are using). This section will be near the top of the page. Please be sure to select the correct operating system.
  • You can choose either a 6-month or a 12-month license. Check to see if you will require SPSS for any of your courses next term. If so, we strongly recommend that you purchase the 12-month version, to cover both terms. (If you decide to purchase the 6-month license, please ensure that you will have access to SPSS for the full time you will require it. Extensions on assignments and projects are at the professor’s discretion, and may not be granted because your license for SPSS has expired.)
  • Click on “Add to Cart” to select the version you wish. At that point, you can pay for the purchase using a credit card or by PayPal. You should then be able to download the software to your machine. 
  • Once you have purchased the software, you will need to get the activation code. The code can be found in your account in the tech store. Find where your SPSS purchase is located and there should be a long string of numbers and letters (you might have to go into the details of your purchase to find it, but it should be there with your SPSS purchase). This is your activation code. When SPSS asks for the activation code, you can copy and paste this code in the box and that will allow you to activate your SPSS.  It asks for the activation code the first time that you open SPSS.
    It is recommended to send yourself an email with this code for future use.
  • You will have only 30 days from the time of purchase to activate SPSS. Otherwise, the code will become deactivated and you will have to pay an additional fee to get the activation code again (last year it was an additional $12). You will not want to have to spend the extra money to get the code that you have already paid for, so please remember to activate SPSS within 30 days of purchasing SPSS.
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