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Primal Pictures

Pre-installation Notes:

Installing Primal Pictures is a lengthy process and requires an 8 gigabyte file to be downloaded to your computer. This will take a significant amount of time to download, install, and configure for first use.
You should have your computer connected to the internet with an Ethernet cable if possible (this will take much more time over a wireless network).
It is recommended to start downloading the file when you are able to leave your computer connected to the internet for at least an hour.
It is also recommended that you download Primal while on campus.
The VPN may be used to connect to P drive from off-campus, however it will vastly increase the time to download Primal. Downloading on-campus is recommended.
The install of this product will require the use of the "Programs" folder located on the P drive. Mapping and connecting instructions to this folder can be found in the Related Articles section to the lower right of this knowledge base article.
DO NOT RUN installation files directly from the P drive! Copy the files to your computer first using an area such as the desktop.
If you double-click the files on the P drive they will not open.
You do not have to be connected to Acadia's network to run the software, but students will be required to remove the software after leaving Acadia. 
It is strongly recommended for Windows users to install 7-Zip or WinRAR to extract the contents of the Primal file.

To install the 3D Human Anatomy:Regional Edition titles on to the hard drive of your computer, you will need to follow the instructions below.

  • Before starting the install process, you will have to change your computer's date & time to any day before November 1st, 2017 (eg Nov 1 2016).
  • Browse to the "Programs" folder on your newly connected P drive (See Related Articles)
  • Find the “Primal” file
  • Copy “Primal” and place it on your desktop

Windows (all versions):

  • Right-click "Primal" and select "Extract Here" (if you installed 7-Zip/WinRAR).
  • If you do not have an "Extract Here" option, select "Extract All" instead.
  • Once extracted, there will be a new "Primal Pictures" folder on your desktop.
It may take a LONG time to unzip this file so be patient and leave your computer on.
If you are using WinRAR, you can pause the process and continue it later.
  • Open the newly created "Primal Pictures" folder on your desktop.
  • Double-click the Windows Setup.vbs file. Press OK when you get a popup saying it is complete.
  • Open the AIR folder, then the win folder.
  • Double-click AdobeAIRInstaller and follow the prompts to install Adobe AIR.
  • Navigate back to the Primal Pictures folder on your desktop.
  • Open the patch folder, then 3DHAR.
  • The next steps will involve running a new installer file for each of the 9 titles (Foot, Hand, Head, Hip, Knee, Pelvis, Shoulder, Spine and Thorax).
  • The following instructions are for the Interactive Foot & Ankle title, but the instructions for the other 8 titles will be exactly the same, using a different installer file (.air file).
    • Double-click on the "Foot_v1.66_unprotected.air" file and you will be prompted to install the program
    • Click “Install
    • Click "Continue"
    • If prompted, click Yes to run the program
    • If the program does not start up automatically you should attempt to run the "Interactive Foot & Ankle" from the icon on your desktop or the entry in the Start Menu, under 'Primal Pictures'
    • Repeat these steps for the other 8 titles in the patch folder


  • After copying Primal from the P: Drive to your desktop, double-click it to extract it. Once extracted, there will be a new "Primal Pictures" folder on your desktop.
  • Open the newly created “Primal Pictures” folder on your desktop
  • Double-click on the "Mac Setup.command" file
  • When prompted, press Enter to exit Terminal
  • Double-click on "mac_install.dmg"
  • A new window should open with a file called "3DHumanAnatomyRegionalEdition" and two folders called "AIR" and "packages"
  • Open the "AIR" folder, then open the "mac" folder
  • Run the “Install Adobe AIR” and then click “I agree
  • You will be prompted to enter the password to your computer
  • Click “Finish” to complete the Adobe AIR installation
  • Go back and open the "packages" folder
  • You should see 9 different .air files (Foot, Hand, Head, Hip, Knee, Pelvis, Shoulder, Spine and Thorax)
  • Double-click the first one to install it
    • Click "Install"
    • Click "Continue"
    • If the program does not start up automatically you should run it from the /Applications/Primal Pictures Products folder
    • Repeat these steps for the other 8 titles in the packages folder
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