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Information regarding conference calls
Installation instructions for Primal
Installation instructions for SPSS
Devices that cause interference for you and your neighbour.
Information on Mobility requests and data plans.
How to reset voicemail password
Details on additional voice mail functions such as replying and forwarding
How to record a personal voice greeting
How to access and use Voicemail including a list of playback commands for voice mail
Instructions on how to use desk phones for faculty & staff
Additional telephone information for faculty & staff - instructions on how to use phones, mobile procedures, work orders, etc
Additional information for students on how to use the phone system
Installation instructions for ChemDraw
From time to time you may be asked to cast a vote in an election, referendum or survey using the web based voting system.
Login information regarding your Network account (Email, Acorn, Office 365, Central, etc).
Article explains how to connect to printers using Windows, Mac or Linux.
How to securely release your print job
Information on receiving a free copy of Windows 10 from Acadia's software store.
A step by step tutorial on how to add an event to the main Acadia Calendar
Step by step guide on how to edit an article or element on your website using the CMS
Step by step guide on how add an accordion to your website using the CMS
A brief overview of the basics of the CMS and how to use them
Details on how to create, view, comment and cancel tickets created in the online portal
A few details on how to use the services offered via the online portal