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Information on Telephone related request.
Policy and Procedure surrounding the purchase and maintenance of Cell Phone Devices on Campus.
Information regarding conference calls
How to record a personal voice greeting
Make changes to your Acadia email lists (non-Acorn)
Sending a reminder to get your IDT approved
Has your IDT been approved and completed?
Installation instructions for Minitab 18 off-campus use
Information on how to create an IDT.
Information on approving an IDT
Installation instructions for AutoCAD
Additional telephone information for faculty & staff - instructions on how to use phones, mobile procedures, work orders, etc
Symptoms and possible solutions for printing errors
How to access and use Voicemail including a list of playback commands for voice mail
Details on additional voice mail functions such as replying and forwarding
How to access your shared mailbox on Mac computers
How to articles provided by Konica Minolta.
Troubleshooting Konica Minolta issues and contacting Konica Minolta for assistance.
Changing your type of printing output
Access and Navigation of PaperCut
Information regarding Konica Minolta fleet copiers for end-users and key operators.
Extra options installed on Konica Minolta fleet printers.
See what you have printed through PaperCut.
Adding a user to the address book using the KM panel.