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Metadata is information describing the document and is stored along with the document. This provides a clear understanding of what exactly the document is, what is contained in the document, when it was last updated and by whom. Customized metadata is developed to help describe and "file" the document.  The metadata and document types can be seen as a type of pre-defined folders.
Policy and Procedure surrounding the purchase and maintenance of Cell Phone Devices on Campus.
Details on Acadia's wireless network policy
Details on the various types of network accounts and their associated policies
Details on Acadia's computer policies
How to record a personal voice greeting
Installation instructions for ChemDraw
How to connect to Acadia wireless on Apple or Android phones and tablets.
How to setup a VPN
How to find the media access control address (MAC address) of a computer. Often referred to as physical address or MAC address.
This article explains how to set up a wireless connection in Mac OS X.
This article explains how to set up a wireless connection in Windows
Information regarding conference calls
Installation instructions for Primal
Installation instructions for SPSS
Devices that cause interference for you and your neighbour.
How to reset voicemail password
Details on additional voice mail functions such as replying and forwarding
How to access and use Voicemail including a list of playback commands for voice mail
Instructions on how to use desk phones for faculty & staff
Additional telephone information for faculty & staff - instructions on how to use phones, mobile procedures, work orders, etc
Additional information for students on how to use the phone system
From time to time you may be asked to cast a vote in an election, referendum or survey using the web based voting system.