Having trouble logging in?


This Service is used to request support for those new to Acadia and are having issues setting their initial network access.  

You may have been redirected to this service while trying to set your initial password and network access. 

If you are looking to reset your existing password, you can use: https://aka.ms/sspr.

Who can access this service?

Accessible to Acadia Students, Employees and Guests.

Why would I access this service?

There are three reasons to access this service:

  1. Users who received an error while setting their initial Acadia password and were redirected to this service. 
  2. Users who cannot log into the HUB Service Portal due to password or account problems. 
  3. Users who are not affiliated with Acadia University and do not have a HUB or Acadia account.

How do I access this service?

Click the "Request Service" button and submit your information. A support representative will update your ticket with further processing instructions.
Please provide an alternate email (non-Acadia email address) when submitting your request to ensure a representative can contact you. 

Minimum Requirements:

There are no minimum requirements. 


There is no cost associated with this service. 

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