Report a Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) or Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) Issue


Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) is required to access Microsoft 365 resources. Its function is to protect user's data, account and/or services given to them by Acadia.  

Self Service Password Reset is the function by which a user can create, change or update their password. SSPR uses the same authentication methods and information as MFA.  

This service allows you to request support if you are having issues with MFA or Self Service Password Reset.

Who can access this service?

Acadia Employees and Students 

Why would I access this service?

Use this Service to request assistance with your MFA enrolment, set-up, or usage. 

How do I access this service?

Click the "Request Service" button and submit your information. A support representative will update your ticket with further processing instructions.

Minimum Requirements:

Depending on your current setup or situation, an alternate method of contacting may be required. For example, a different phone number or personal email address.


No cost associated to use this service. 

Request Service


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