Service Desk and Hardware Shop prices

Service Desk and Hardware Services price list (All prices include TAX)

Network Cables: 

    6 ft $5.00
    15 ft $10.00
    25 ft $15.00


    10 ft printer cable $10.00
    6 ft HDMI cable $15.00

Laptop Power:

    Apple AC adapter (power block) $111.00
    Apple AC power cord or "Duck Bill" $11.00
    Dell AC adapter (power block) $88.00
    Dell AC power cord $11.00

Hard Drives (750 GB / 1 TB depending on availability):

    Mac (Installation and File Recovery if possible) $149.00
    Windows Systems (Installation and File Recovery if possible) $183.00
    Windows Systems Non-Approved (Installation and File Recovery if possible) $218.00

Labour Rate Hardware:

    Repair/Diagnostics covered by warranty $0.00 (Free)
    Repair/Diagnostics NOT covered by warranty $69.00/hour

Labour Rate Software (E.g. Virus removal & OS reload):

    Virus removal $69/hour
(1/2 hour minimum)
Operating System reload:
    Mac OSX $35.00
    Windows (Approved models) $69.00
    Windows (Non-approved models) $104.00
Please note: Sales over $20.00 can be charged to your student account. All other sales are cash only.


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