How to uninstall software and unwanted applications

Windows 10 / 11

  1. Click the Start button; 
  2. Select Settings (the cog icon) ;  
  3. Select Apps 
  4. Additional step for Windows 11 users: Select "Installed Apps" on the right.
  5. Find the app you wish to uninstall from the list of apps. 
  6. Select the app
  7. Click the Uninstall button and follow the instructions, if any appear. (Note the uninstall button for Windows 11 users is found under the "...")

Mac OS

  1. Click on Finder;
  2. On the left, select Applications
  3. Locate the application you wish to uninstall and drag it to your trash can on the dock.  If asked, enter your Mac password to complete the process.


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