Order Official Transcript

Student records are confidential. Transcripts are issued only upon  the request of the student; third party requests will not be processed.

Please not the following:

  • Five (5) to seven (7) working days are required to process  transcript requests. You should also allow sufficient time for mail delivery when making your request.
  • Official transcripts are sent directly to another university or college, to an official of an organization, or directly to the student in a sealed envelope. If a transcript is sent directly to a  student, the sealed envelope and the transcript will be stamped "not official if seal is broken".
  • Transcripts marked "Issued to Student" may be ordered for personal use.
  • The recipient may find it helpful to know why you have submitted a  transcript. (Examples: degree program applied for, employment position being sought, etc.)

How to Order

You must be logged into Acadia Central, which you will be redirected to when you select "Request Service" to your right. If you cannot see "Order Transcript" and your last name has changed, log out and log in to your account using the first letter of your new last name and the same password. Your account will change when your name changes. The status of online transcript requests may be checked using Order History from the menu on the right.

Transcript Fees
Please Note: Official transcripts will be released only when all financial obligations to the university are cleared. Orders will not be processed without payment. Credit card payment is required for online orders.   

  • Each transcript sent by regular mail within Canada is $10, and International is $15.
  • If the transcript is to be sent by fax, express post, or courier within Canada the fee is $20.
  • If courier service is required outside of Canada, the entire courier charge is the responsibility of the student. 
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