Extension Request for Students in Online Courses

If you have difficulty completing your online course in the allotted time, you may request ONE extension.

Extension Fee for an Online Course*

*The Extension extends your course from the originally scheduled completion date, not from the date you request the extension. Payment is required to process the request. Should your request be denied, the payment will be refunded. Instructions on how to pay can be found here.

Please Note: A balance on your Student Account may prevent you from obtaining an extension.

Extensions are at the discretion of your instructor and can be granted for a period to a maximum of 6 months. Therefore, you should provide a detailed explanation outlining

  • why you haven’t completed the course in the allotted time or why you believe that you will not be able to complete it in the allotted time; and 
  • how you plan to complete the course if an extension is approved. 

The extension might not be granted if

  • you have not been submitting coursework regularly
  • you do not provide sufficient information about why you require an extension
  • you do not submit the request at least one month prior to your original completion date

Exceptional circumstances will be considered.

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