Monthly VISA submission


Submit your monthly VISA statements for approval by your supervisor. Once approval is completed by your supervisor the information and documents will be submitted to Financial Services for final processing. Please attach all supporting documents to this request (VISA statement, Invoices, etc.).

By submitting this request, the cardholder acknowledges that all transactions on this monthly VISA statement are legitimate and Acadia related.

Who can access this service?

All Faculty and Staff have access. 

Why would I access this service?

Use this request to submit your monthly VISA for approval by your Supervisor and final processing by Financial Services.

How do I access this service?

To start a Monthly VISA submission request the click "Request Service" button.

Minimum Requirements:

All Faculty and Staff have access. Acadia issued VISA.


There is no charge associated with the HUB Service Portal. 

You may use the Search feature at the top of the website, listing of our by Services A-Z, or browsing the Catalog

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