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Identity Policy
Acadia University both aspires, and commits, to principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion. The University believes that the learning, teaching and research environment should be accessible and affirming to the individuals that comprise it. As an individual’s identity is at the very core of their personal experience, Acadia affirms that a person’s chosen identity will be used whenever possible to ensure a welcoming, inclusive, academic and living environment. The University also confirms to only collect identity information when absolutely necessary*, and to restrict its access and use for those purposes.

*Notable exceptions would be legal and reporting obligations, including for financial purposes.

Identity Policy – Student Application

As per Acadia’s Identity Policy, students may request an identity change to their current official student record as held by the University. Please note that the use of a chosen identity at Acadia does not however change a student’s legal identity as held by other authorities or institutions. Students need to be aware that if an identity has been changed to something other than a legal identity held now, previously, or in the future, additional proof of explanation may be requested of the student, and cause unexpected difficulty. This is solely the responsibility of the student to resolve such discrepancies. Acadia University will not be liable, nor responsible, for any impacts or effects of the student identity change request/s. It is strongly recommended that International students have the identity on their Acadia record match the identity as it appears on government-issued identification at the time of entry to Canada. This will help avoid issues with obtaining/maintaining a valid study permit. Acadia University maintains full discretion to deny a request for an identity change where it is deemed to be potentially fraudulent, spurious, inappropriate (i.e. vulgar language) or may impact the integrity of the record/s, or of the University.

Please note: At this time it may take up to 7 days for request to be processed. 

A paper copy of this form is available here.

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