Technology Services - Request or Incident Report


This service is used to capture a general request from our campus stakeholders. It will ask for basic information to support you in your request. Once submitted, a Technology Services representative will contact you to get more information and direct your request.  

Please Note: Using the specific "service" from the service catalogue will expedite the resolution of your incident.

Who can access this service?

All Acadia Faculty, Staff and Students have access.  Logging into the Service Portal will ensure that you have access to the complete Service Catalogue. 

Why would I access this service?

Use a general request when you cannot find the proper service. The Service Catalogue provides categorized services.  Use this category if you cannot find a specific service in the Service Catalogue. 

How do I access this service?

To start a Technology Services request the click "Request Service" button.

Minimum Requirements:

All Faculty, Staff and Students have access.


There is no charge associated with the HUB Service Portal. 

You may use the Search feature at the top of the website, listing of our by Services A-Z, or browsing the Catalog


Request Service


Service ID: 69
Tue 8/11/15 11:11 AM
Fri 4/5/24 2:22 PM