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Windows 10 is the current version of Microsoft. Earlier versions are no longer supported by Microsoft, Technology Services, and pose a severe security risk.  

The following article provides information on how to obtain a free copy of Windows 10 from the software store. Although this process involves going to an online store, you will not be required to present a form of payment. You are required to access the portal using your Acadia email. 


If you are entering the software store for first time or have not logged in during the current academic year, you will need to have an email sent to your Acadia email account for verification. This step confirms that you are a student and are entitled to the student pricing. Please ensure that your Acadia email account is working before registering or signing into the software store.

Purchase software from Acadia's software store:

  1. Visit
  2. If you have not used the site before:
    You will have to register by clicking on the “Register” button and following the steps. Once you’ve registered, you sign in to the site using the username and password that you set up.
  3. If after login in you receive the following error "There are no products available for purchase at this time.":
    Please see the Related Articles section to the lower right of this knowledge base article.
  4. Once you are in the store, click on the “Microsoft” tab, select Windows 10 and Add to Cart.
  5. Select your "Shopping Cart" from the top of the store, then select "Check Out"
    1. DO NOT add any of the additional items they offer such as the "60-day access guarantee", these are not required.
  6. Complete the "Microsoft Student Option User Acceptance Form" by filling in your email address and full name at the bottom of the agreement, then click "Accept".
  7. Click "Proceed with order" on the billing screen.
  8. The following screen will give you you product key. Copy this key as it will be used during the download of WIndows 10.
    Send yourself an email with this key, save it to a file, or take a picture of it for future use.
  9. Compete the download of Windows by clicking "Get Started".
  10. In the Windows XP and Windows Vista section, select the link to Microsoft’s ISO Software Download Site.
    When the new page opens, scroll down and paste your Product Key into the Enter product key box, then select Verify.
    Select English as the language.
  11. Mac users and almost all Windows users will want to choose the 64-bit version, 32-bit version would only be used on older computers. 
    If you aren't sure, you can check your current Windows version, right click on Computer or This PC and choose Properties. The information on this screen will tell you if your current copy of Windows is 32 or 64-bit. If you have 32-bit it recommended to download 32-bit version of Windows 10.
  12. If you are on Mac OS, DO NOT double-click/open the ISO file when it is done downloading or you will encounter errors during the Boot Camp setup.
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