Cell Phone Policy & Procedures

Original Effective Date: November 1, 2016

Revision Date: July 19, 2017

Cell Phone Devices

This policy covers all cellular phones (Device) owned and managed by Acadia University. This includes all cell phones, smart phones, pagers, cellular data sticks and tablets that have cellular capabilities. In this policy Device means the cell phone and associated service plan assigned to an employee.

All devices are purchased through Acadia Technology Services (ATS) and billed to the appropriate GL as specified by the requestor.  These devices are considered the property of Acadia University and should be treated appropriately.


This policy:

  1. helps an employee to determine eligibility for a device,
  2. describes the process for obtaining a device and replacements,
  3. provides guidelines on appropriate usage, and
  4. outlines billing processes.


Devices and plans are provided by ATS for the following employees:

  1. University staff, with the approval of their Vice-President, and based on one or more of the following job requirements:
    1. is in a role requiring frequent travel, telephone or Internet connectivity and constant availability;
    2. is not normally present at a fixed workstation and provides nomadic support where prompt response is often required;
    3. supports mission-critical systems or provides critical campus services and is required to be available immediately both within and beyond normal business hours.
  2. Faculty or Research Staff, with the approval of the Manager, Research Fund Accounting, based on one or more of the following criteria:
    1. it is deemed an eligible expense through their research funds;
    2. there are adequate funds in the research account to support the purchase and on-going costs.

Administrative Procedures

Requesting a New Device

  1. Complete the Cell Phone Request Form, obtain Vice-President approval and submit it to ATS;
    1. select a Basic Device; or
    2. select an Upgraded Device, and pay the upgrade cost by credit card.

Replacement of an Existing Device

  1. Device lifespan is expected to be 30 months.
  2. Contact your department administration for your eligibility date. 
  3. Early replacement may be possible for a damaged or malfunctioning device. The most cost effective option available will be used.  Contact ATS for assistance.
  4. If an employee would like to keep their end of lifespan device, ownership may be transferred by request.
  5. Cost of replacement is billed to the appropriate GL as specified by the requestor.

Service Cancellation/Resignation/Termination

  1. An employee’s supervisor may request deactivation of a device and the corresponding termination of their plan at any time.
  2. All devices that are not at their end of lifespan must be returned to ATS.
  3. Devices that are beyond their end of lifespan may be kept by the employee.
  4. Keeping an Upgraded Device that is not at its end of lifespan:
  1. An employee may purchase the device at a pro-rated amount; or
  2. Departments may offer to purchase the device back from the employee at a pro-rated amount.

Damaged or Lost Device

  1. Damaged, lost or stolen devices must be reported to ATS immediately.
  2. Lost or stolen devices are handled as the Replacement of an Existing Device.
  3. Damaged devices will be repaired, if possible. Damaged devices that are beyond repair will be dealt with as a Replacement of an Existing Device.
  4. Cost to repair damaged unit will be billed to the appropriate GL as specified by the requestor.

International/US Travel

  1. Roaming, which means connecting to the cellular phone system of a service provider other than the program provider, can be extremely expensive. Roaming in some locations may be included in the program. Refer to the program documentation available from ATS for details.
  2. Contact ATS two (2) weeks before traveling to determine whether travel packages can be added to your plan to obtain lower fees.
  3. It is an employee’s responsibility to know how to disable roaming on their device when necessary. ATS can help you find this feature on your device.
  4. It is an employee’s responsibility to fully understand their plan including extra fees associated with roaming.
  5. Roaming rates fluctuate regularly, however ATS can obtain expected rates for most countries when requested.

Appropriate Usage

Safety and Protecting the Device

  1. Employees must adhere to legislation governing the use of cellular phones while operating a motor vehicle.
  2. All devices must be kept in a protective case. Departments are responsible for providing an appropriate case. ATS can help select one.
  3. Actions that violate the manufacturer’s warranty such as, but not limited, to “Jail-breaking” are not permitted.
  4. ATS may use Mobile Device Management technology to manage and protect devices.

Security and Privacy Considerations

  1. Most devices hold confidential information such as email and other electronic documents, and should be secured.
  2. Devices must be configured to require a "Unlock" password or code.
  3. Cell phones, of all types, are given the same consideration as desktop or laptop computers under privacy legislation.  Instant messages (texting, Skype messages, instant messaging) and emails are forms of electronic correspondence and are considered records under all Canadian and Nova Scotia privacy legislation, regardless of the tools or service used to create them.


Expenses and Billing

  1. A cell phone program is negotiated with a service provider to achieve the best deal for the overall needs of the university. A program consists of one or more plans, along with optional feature packages.
  2. A plan is selected from the program for each employee based on their needs.
  3. ATS bills departments each month for each active device, according the fees established in the program.
  4. Usage details and program fees are available through ATS if required.
  5. Devices funded by research accounts receive a detailed bill upon request.
  6. ATS centrally manages all university owned devices.
  7. The cell phone program is renegotiated with a service provider every few years and may change.



Questions pertaining to the Cell Phone Policy and Procedures to be directed to ATS.

This policy is subject to change; a current copy is available on the ATS website at https://ts.acadiau.ca/


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