What is Bookings?


Microsoft Bookings is an online and mobile appointment scheduling app that syncs with your Acadia email (powered by Microsoft 365), as well as Microsoft Teams. It allows you to create bookings pages from where others can make, change, or cancel appointments with an individual or a list of people. This is ideal for scheduling one-on-one virtual office hours.


  • On the Bookings dashboard, review your business address, hours, and other business information, and update if needed.
  • On the Calendar page, you and your staff can add or update customer appointments. You can view your calendar by day, week, or month.
  • On the Customers page, new customers can be added or imported from other accounts like gmail, or a device.
  • The Staff page allows you to add and manage your staff. It’s important to add their email addresses so they can receive immediate notifications of new appointments.

The following video shows how to use Bookings to schedule time and meetings in your department:


There is no cost associated with Bookings. 

Contact the Service Desk to schedule your initial training and to have the app added to your account.


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