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An overview of the pertinent Privacy legislation by which Acadia must abide: Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIPOP) and Personal Information and International Disclosure (PIIDPA) Acts.
This article provides a lecture capture policy and sample syllabus statements and a Consent Form
This form is required for any project that will collect or use private information. Acadia is required to perform a PIA for any new or substantially revised program, system, or other initiative that involves personal information.
Practice Safe Sharing. Considerations such as lack of internet capability for downloading, as well as security and privacy issues, means that sending files through email is discouraged. Instead use OneDrive, Teams and SharePoint to send files to your colleagues.
Protocol documentation associated with a Privacy Breach.
Five minute privacy check to see whether you are practising due diligence with respect to data privacy.
Variety of tools provided by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Nova Scotia.
2020 International Privacy Data Day Infographics