Information Privacy and Security Policy


Purpose and Intent of the Acadia University Information Privacy and Data Security Policy is to ensure Acadia University complies with its obligation to protect personal and private information.  

If there is a discrepancy between this article and the policy located on the Human Resources website, the HR Policy takes precedence. 


“Personal information” means recorded information about an identifiable individual, including, but not limited to:

  1. name, address, telephone, email (personal not business);
  2. race, ethnic origin or religious political beliefs or associations;
  3. age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status or family status;
  4. any identifying number or symbol (examples: ID Card, SIN, credit card, health insurance, drivers’ license);
  5. fingerprints, blood type, or inheritable characteristics;
  6. medical or personal history;
  7. educational, employment, financial, or criminal history;
  8. personal views or opinions.

Policy Statement

Acadia employees will protect the privacy and data security of personal and confidential information of employees, students (prospective and current), alumni, suppliers, contractors, data collected during research, and all other information collected during the course of Acadia’s ongoing operation and activities and agree to report any privacy, confidentiality or security breaches, immediately upon discovery.

Employee Compliance

Employees have a duty to familiarize themselves with this policy, all applicable government Acts and Regulations, and to complete the security awareness training provided by the University.

Employees’ supervisors have an obligation to ensure the information and data risks in their department are fully understood by all direct reports and that adequate and appropriate security measures are in place.

Employees have a duty to report any privacy, confidentiality or security breaches, immediately upon discovery, to persons within Acadia responsible for securing and/or reporting the breach.


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