Lecture Capture/Recording Policy


Acadia University employees, contractors, and students are expected to respect the privacy of individuals in both the workplace and educational setting. An expression of the University’s commitment to the protection of privacy is the prohibition covert or secret recording (audio or video) of lectures and meetings involving instructors and students, including conversations and telephone calls.

The University's Lecture Recording Policy is found with the files associated with this article. 

The document captures:

  1. Policy
  2.  Sample Statements for Course Outlines
    1. SAMPLE 1: Instructor Permits Audio Recordings with No Distribution Rights
    2. SAMPLE 2: Instructor Does Not Permit Audio Recordings
    3. SAMPLE 3: Instructor Plans to Video Record Classroom Lectures for Asynchronous Teaching
    4. SAMPLE 4: Instructor Plans to Provide Online Classroom Teaching
  3. Sample Consent to Video/Audio Record Class

The Sample Course Statements and Consent Forms are found in a separate document as well. 


This policy is also found on the Acadia Policy website. If there is a discrepancy between this and the document found on the Acadia Policy website, the Acadia policy takes precedence. 



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