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After working from home, there are several activities to help a smooth transition back to working on campus.   This article provides an overview of recommended and optional activities. 

Recommended Activities

Perform a "device health check" 

Add your office phone number to your Security Info methods 

Optional Activities

Check your office phone voice mail 

  • Read the following knowledge base article to clear up the backlog of voice mail messages on your office phone. 

Reset your voice mail password 

  • Read the following knowledge base article to access your voice mail messages in the event you have password issues when attempting to log in. 

Remove your "Out of Office" message for your Acadia email 

  • Read the following knowledge base article to remove any "Out of Office" message you may have placed in your email to auto response to new incoming emails.

Get Help

An Appointment is required to access the Service Desk.  Please contact the Service Desk for help and to make an appointment, if required. 

Book your assistance appointment 

  • Visit the Bookings Site to book an assistance appointment. We will assist you to physically get your computer and components connected together back in your office. 

Contact the Service Desk


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