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This article provides links to 3 different New to Acadia Checklists. Select the appropriate checklist depending on whether you are a student, a staff and faculty member or a new supervisor/manager/director.
New to Acadia Checklist. All the things you need to get started on campus.
Installation instructions for The Food Processor.
How to update your SAS installation with a new license.
Installation instructions for Minitab off-campus use
Installation instructions for Matlab
Installation instructions for Maple.
Installation instructions for ChemDraw
Installation instructions for AutoCAD
ArcGIS is a geographic information system for working with maps and geographic information maintained by the Environmental Systems Research Institute.
Where and how to download optional or academic software
This article provides installation guide and further requirements for Mobility Print.
Depending on the service and system, your login ID is either your username or your email address.   This tutorial provides an overview of the services/systems and the login required.
This article provides an overview of wireless (WiFi) services on Acadia's campus.
This article provides a summary of how to learn of system service disruptions and how to opt-in to receive notifications. The Status Page will provide an overview of Acadia systems and its cloud services and report whether services are currently experiencing a service disruption.