How to set up MFA authenticator on a new phone


  • In this article, you’ll learn how to re-register a new phone using the Microsoft Authenticator app.
  • if you haven't already set up MFA or have alternative or multiple authentication methods, please call the Service Desk (902-585-4537).  They will have to help you get your device registered. 

You can follow along with Microsoft How-To Video


  1. You will need to re-register your new phone. 
  2. On your browser, go to
  3. Login with your work/school account: your Acadia email and password.
  4. When prompted to authorize your login, with a Microsoft authenticator app, select "sign in another way" and choose one of your alternate authorization methods, such as having a text message sent to your phone.  
  5. Please note that if you did not set up any alternative authorization methods, you'll need to contact the Service Desk for support (902-585-4537 or Live Chat) to re-register your new phone. 
  6. Enter the code from the text message, and select Verify
  7. Locate the Microsoft Authenticator method, and delete it. 
  8. Select Add Method, verify the authenticator app is selected, and choose Add. 
  9. Download the Microsoft Authenticator app, select Next, then Next again. Your monitor will display a QR code. 
  10. On your mobile device, tap Add Account, choose Work or School Account, and accept any requested permissions.  
  11. Use your mobile device to scan the QR code  on your monitor, then select Next
  12. Return to your mobile device and tap Approve
  13. Your new device is now registered with your organization.



Your new device is now registered for MFA, using the authenticator app as a default. 



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