Password maintenance, Network account requests, Application access

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Multi-factor Authentication - MFA

Information regarding Multi-factor Authentication and your Acadia account

Self Service Password Reset - SSPR

Information regarding resetting your password and Acadia account recovery.

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Pinned Article How to Change your Acadia Password

This article provides a summary of how to set or change your Acadia User ID password.

Pinned Article How to find my Colleague ID?

This article provides the steps in finding your Colleague ID as well as a definition of the Colleague ID.

Pinned Article What is my Acadia Identification

This article provides a summary of the various terminology that is used to describe unique identifiers on campus: Username/User ID, Colleague ID, Acadia ID.

Pinned Article What is my Username and Password?

Login information regarding your Network account (Email, Moodle, Office 365, myAcadia, etc).

How do I log into an Acadia service or system

Depending on the service and system, your login ID is either your username or your email address.   This tutorial provides an overview of the services/systems and the login required.

How to access Microsoft security account profile

This article provides a summary of the access and the options within your Microsoft Account settings, for access to essential services such as Multi Factor Authentication and Password setting.

How to set up network access

This article provides an overview of how to obtain network access.

How to troubleshoot email access errors?

A troubleshooting article providing solutions to issues access your email.

How to update directory and contact information for Faculty and Staff

Instructions for how to update the directory and contact information for faculty and staff, for scenarios such as role changes, temporary leaves, room changes etc.

Retiree access to campus resources

Information regarding transition from an Employee to Retiree status.

What is Legacy Authentication

This article provides an overview of Legacy Authentication.

What is Single Sign-On?

This article is provides a definition of Single Sign On and how it is used at Acadia (what systems).

Office 365 for Alumni

Information regarding Office 365 for recent grads of Acadia University

How to resolve account expiry notices

Solutions to the receipt of notices that your network account will be expiring,