New to Acadia Checklist: Manager or Department Head


As a new Department Head, Director or Manager, here are some common tasks, activities to help you through Technology in a manager role. 

Your New to Acadia Checklist 

Accounts and Access 

Account Creation 

An account request provides an email address, a username and access to the Acadia network.  Appropriate lead time is required to create an account.  

Additional access to systems may be required, for example the Colleague UI for financial management or approvals, the Student Information System:  

  • Place a Service Request to create or modify access to campus administrative systems. If you as a new manager, or a new employee, requires access to Colleague or other administrative systems, it is necessary to request the access. 
  • Place a Service Request to modify departmental approvals. This request initiates the change of a manager or department head (temporary or permanent) required for approvals with various departments on campus. 
  • Place a Service Request to modify a web trustee.  A web trustee is the identified individual (s) who can make changes to a departmental website. 
  • Place a Service Request to add, modify or remove a Shared Account. Shared Accounts in printing refer to the groupings for printing costs. Each department has a default Shared Account, however, additional accounts may be required, for particular teams within an department or a particular project or research grant. 

Account Changes

It is just as important to let us know about account changes - when an individual contract is extended, when a person moves to a new job or when a person leaves Acadia. 

  • Place a Service Request to close an account.  Depending upon the person's role (i.e. Guest, Professor Emeritus, Retiree), the individual has different access to services when no longer actively employed by Acadia. 
  • Place a Service Request to extend an existing account.  Use this service to ensure that the employee or guest maintains their access while on campus. 
  • Guest Accounts approvals are limited to key designated individuals. For a list of those who have access to approve Guest Accounts, please see Guest Account Approvers.

Get Connected

Each office is equipped with an Ethernet cable for wired Internet access.  Wi-Fi is available across campus.

  • Use the Acadia Wi-Fi network to ensure appropriate and full access to services.  
  • The Acadia Guest network is used for limited 2 hour access.  It is not intended to be used for Acadia faculty, staff and students as it provides limited access to additional campus resources.  
  • Access the Sponsored Wi-Fi Portal to create a short term wireless network account for guests (visitors, contractors). This provides short-term WiFi access using their non-Acadia email address. If an Acadia email address or network account is required, this is not the appropriate WiFi method.
    • This must be done either on campus or using a VPN connection.  For more information on Sponsored Wi-Fi, visit Guest Wi-Fi Access


Related Information 

Human Resources, Department of Safety and Security, the Library and the Centre for the Learning and Teaching Centre may provide additional resources.  


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