Why the HUB Ticket System?


A ticket system (TD - the HUB), is similar to email in its flexibility, simplicity and speed, but it allows for additional functionality that emails alone cannot provide. 

Why do we focus heavily on our HUB ticket system? Here are some reasons why we encourage our stakeholders to take advantage of our ticket portal.

  • Efficiency.  Your issue is in our hands as soon as you hit “Submit”.  Service Desk consultants receive a notification that a new ticket has arrived.  Tickets are then organized and assigned to the proper team. 
  • Continuity.  Your ticket may be addressed by multiple people depending on complexity and availability.  Keeping details and responses recorded in the ticket system allows our team to help without the need for you to repeat your story or re-explain why you need help.   By working in this manner, we’re able to ensure continuous work and progress on your issue rather than the two steps forward, one step back approach to requiring repeated call-backs.
  • Accountability.  When a ticket arrives, you can be assured someone is reading, assessing and assigning the work.  Each ticket is always subject to peer- and supervisor-review.


Everything is centralized, in one place

  • It functions as a System of Record: all the key information is documented in the ticket and can be found at a later date.  Technology Services staff
  • do not need to find that particular individual's email, and with several people working on requests, it keeps track of information. 
  • All the information required to complete the request is in one place.
  • Allows the team to share knowledge - "how was a similar request handled"  - to enable Technology Services staff to work more efficiently. 

Helps prioritize workflow

  • It allows for the prioritization of work and ensures that the workflow is set for issue resolution. 
  • It ensures that people are getting the information needed to get the work completed.  Emails may go unread based on vacations, illnesses, meetings or just being busy.  Ticketing systems ensure that the correct people are getting the notifications in a timely fashion. 

Adds transparency

  • The HUB system helps determine which departments and teams are receiving the most support request so that Technology Services staff can allocate resources efficiently.
  • Increases accountability - Users can see the work being done and the resolution taken.
  • Every ticket that a user has submitted is there, with a status. 

Fosters collaboration

  • Allows for communication amongst the support teams, and more importantly, with our customers - faculty, staff and students.  The information stays with the ticket, not the individual. As a customer, you can verify what's been done and the status of the ticket. 

Ensures continuity

  • The HUB system allows for continuing of support if a team member leaves or is away

Provides build in tracking and reporting metrics

  • It allows for Technology Services staff to track the work they are doing, the types of issues with which they are dealing, and whether the correct processes and procedures are in place. 
  • It allows for reporting regarding whether we are on-time and on-budget, with the correct activities. 



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