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Pinned Article How to use the HUB Service portal (

An overview and guide to the HUB Service Portal (hub.acadia,ca). This article provides an overview of the various components and a guide to the main page and its links.

How to favorite services and requests

As a user of the HUB, you may often want to use the same Service Requests (i.e. Report a breach, problem with WiFi, request an account). These instructions will describe how to favourite a service and then you see a list of those services.

How to favourite Knowledge Base help articles

How to favourite knowledge base articles

Submitting, Viewing, Commenting and Cancelling Tickets (

Details on how to create, view, comment and cancel tickets created in the online portal

Why the HUB Ticket System? Favorite

Why the HUB? Why do Acadia staff ask you to place a ticket rather than emailing or calling?