How to update directory and contact information for Faculty and Staff


Technology Services is required to keep up-to-date contact information, including phone number, location and organizational informational of all employees. This information is used in multiple areas including Safety (911), as well as the phone book/directory. Changes which will impact the directory include:

  • Room/location change
  • New Faculty/Staff member
  • Change in Title/Positions
  • Retirements
  • Sabbatical/Administrative/Maternity/Sick Leave
  • Temporary Replacements
  • Phone display change
  • Voicemail Removal

Complete a HUB Service Request to request an update. 

  • The Service Request will update the directory, voice and phone display. 
  • If you have multiple directory changes, one request is sufficient. But, please attach a document with all the changes or list all the changes in the description.

This article contains specific information and considerations for the following update scenarios. 

Sabbatical/Administrative/Maternity/Sick Leave

  1. Enter HUB Service Request to have the directory indicating that the employee is on leave. 
  2. Consider removing the ability to leave a voicemail during leaves and adding an announcement. 
  • The caller receives a greeting directing them to an alternate method of contact but is unable to leave a message  
  • When the employee returns to campus TS removes the announcement and add the voicemail. Please note that an new request is required  
  • Benefit of an announcement
    • The employee does not return with a voicemail that is full
    • The caller does not leave a message that may not be heard in a timely fashion

New Employee / Temporary Replacements

  1. Enter HUB Service Request to update the directory. Please ensure the following information is included: 
  • First and Last name of the new employee
  • Phone number the employee is using
  • Position title 
  • The person to whom the person reports
  • Indicate whether the employee requires voicemail or an announcement?
    • Some employees do not want a voicemail.  For those employees you may want to consider an announcement.  The caller receives a greeting directing them to an alternate method of contact but is unable to leave a message.  
    • Existing voicemail is deleted and new ones created.  Is it ok to delete the voicemail with unheard messages in it or is the administration reviewing them before they are deleted. 

Employee No Longer On Campus

  1. Enter HUB Service Request to update the directory indicating that an employee has left with no replacement.  Please include:
  • First and last name of employee leaving
  • Phone number
  • Alternate name, if any, you would like listed on the directory and phone display
  • Is the number being displayed or hidden on the directory?
  • Are you keeping the voicemail or would you like an announcement created? 
    • Announcement is a greeting that provides an alternate method of contact without allowing the caller to leave a message.
  • Numbers no longer required can be disabled and removed from your monthly invoice.  Once a number is disabled we can not promise it will be there in the future if you require it again.

Requesting Telephone Work

If Technology Services is unable to perform these changes without assistance from Bell Canada you will be billed a time and material charge of $110.00/h + HST on your monthly invoice.  You will be informed before proceeding, a GL number will be required to continue.  Please include a detailed message in your request. 

  • New install:
    Please be sure that the location for the new extension has a phone jack installed. If there is no telephone jack in place, please contact Physical Plant.

  • Relocation:
    If the location you are relocating to has an active phone line, include the room number and phone number in your request.  
  • Disconnection:
    Disabling the line is a free service.
  • Line programming:
    Addition of call display, queues, other programming needs

To enter a service request click here.

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