How To Locate Phone Numbers

Please remember if you are looking for telephone support to contact the Support Desk at 4357 or enter a HUB request.  Do not use "0" or stay on the line to talk to the attendant.  The Security Desk helps support the switchboard and are unable to answer telephone related questions.  

Bell Aliant Phone Books

  • We are no longer provided with copies of the phone book.
  • You can find the phone book online by clicking here.
  • To make a change to the actual phone book all request need to be sent in during the month of June, changes are only made once a year.  To enter a request click here.   

How To Locate A Phone Number On Campus:

  • Acadia University Website - Search Engine
    • Click on the Search 
      • A Search Box will appear
    • Enter the name you are searching
      • It can be a combination of first name, last name or just one or the other.
    • Click on Staff under the search box (Default is set for Web)
    • Click Search
    • The results with the name you are searching should appear 
  • Acadia University online phonebook
    • The phone book is located on the bottom of the Acadia University website.
    • To access the phonebook click here.
    • The phonebook allows you to click on the hyperlink of the departments listed and directs you to their individual website.
    • The left hand column allows you to search by clicking on "Staff by Department" or "Staff by Last Name"
    • To make a change to the online phonebook, enter request here.
  • Acadia auto attendant call by name feature
    • Dial 902-585-2200 or from on campus dial 2200
    • Press 1 to access the employee directory and enter the first few letters of the last name
    • Call by name feature includes anyone with a voicemail. 
  • Outlook Address book
    • Click on Address Book in your outlook 
    • Search the name you are looking for and if they have an Acadia phone number it should be listed under Business Phone

Please use one of the above options for locating phone numbers versus calling the auto attendant and staying on the line.  The individuals receiving your request are using the above methods to provide you with the phone number you requested.


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