How to find employees contact information?

On Campus:

  • Acadia University Website - Search Engine
    • Click on the look glass
    • Click on the search 
      • A search box will appear
    • Enter the name you are searching
      • It can be a combination of first name, last name or just one or the other
      • You can search by Department, position title, etc
    • Click Search
    • The results for what you are searching should appear 
    • To make a change to the information displayed, enter request here.
  • Outlook Address book
    • Open Outlook
    • On the tool bar click on the Address Book
    • You will see a list by first and last name
    • If you know the first name of the employee use the "search" box on the top left
    • If you don't know the employee name but you know the department, or title use the Advanced Find option
    • Click on "Advanced Find" (blue hyperlink on tool bar, to the right)
      • A find box will appear
      • You can search by display name, First name, last name, title, alias, company, department, etc.  Enter the information in the field you are searching.
      • You need to search the same way it is written out in the outlook directory.  Example if you searched School of Education under department you wouldn't find anything.  If you searched Education you would receive anything in the department Field that starts with Education.
      • Click ok
    • To make a change to the information displayed, enter request here.
  • Acadia auto attendant call by name feature
    • Dial 902-585-2200 or from on campus dial 2200
    • Press 1 to access the employee directory and enter the first few letters of the last name
    • Call by name feature includes anyone with a voice mail. 
  • Organizational Chart - Teams
    • Go to the Chat Screen
    • Click on an employee under recent (left side of screen) or Search an employee's name in the search screen (top of the page)
    • If you look to the right of the employee you will see organization - click on it, if you don't see it click on the 3 dots (should be listed here)
    • You will see the organization chart for that employee
    • Employees are tagged to their Supervisor.  As you click on the different employees the chart will change depending on who reports to who.  

Off Campus: Bell Aliant Phone Books

  • We are no longer provided with copies of the phone book.
  • You can find the phone book online by clicking here.
  • To make a change to the actual phone book all request need to be sent in during the month of June, changes are only made once a year.  To enter a request click here.   


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