How to get Technology Services support


Technology Services Consultants will work with you virtually and schedule an in-person follow-up appointment, if necessary.  

This article contains:

  1. Support Contact Methods
  2. Service Availability
    1. HUB Service Portal
    2. Service Desk / Library Kiosk Hours
  3. Classroom Support
  4. Residence Wi-Fi Support
  5. Report a Privacy or Cybersecurity Breach

Contact us for Support

There are various ways to contact us for support:

Live Chat

HUB Service Portal


902-585-4357 (HELP) or 1-888-609-333

Please note ts-no-reply is not moderated. For guaranteed support, please use one of the other methods.

The attached infographic provides a summary of how to Contact TS and methods TS uses to contact you.

Follow Technology Services

Follow TS to learn about programs, initiatives, and service disruptions. On the Status Portal, opt-in for email or text notifications on outages and upcoming maintenance.  

  1. Twitter
  2. Status Portal

Service Availability

HUB Service Portal 

The HUB Service Portal is available 24x7. 

FIND ANSWERS. Search the Knowledge Base (KB) for help articles. The Knowledge Base is categorized help, or

REQUEST ASSISTANCE. Search the Catalogue for particular Service Requests. The Services are based on the same categories as the Knowledge Base and will let you place a request. It will ask specific information based on the type of request, or. 

SEARCH. Using key words, search for a list of KB articles and Services. 

A GENERAL REQUEST is available for when you cannot find help on a specific topic. 

Service Desk Hours 

The Service Desk hours are:
Sunday: 4pm -8pm
Monday-Thursday: 8am - 8pm
Friday: 8am - 5 pm.  

** Library Kiosk after hours support

Classroom Support

If you experience technical issues, it may not always be possible to address the issues during a live class.  It is recommend that backup plans be put into place. 

  1. If you discover a problem while teaching on campus, please call our office using the room’s service phone. 
  2. If you encounter a problem while teaching online, please contact us at (902) 585-4357 | Toll Free: 1-888-609-3330.  Press or Say 1 to ensure you identify the call as a classroom emergency. We will try to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Residence Wi-Fi Support

  1. If you are experiencing Wi-Fi  issues while living in residence, report it using the HUB ticket ( or contact the Service Desk. 

Report a Privacy or Cybersecurity Issue

If your account or computer is compromised (ransomware, etc.), or you think you've responded to a phishing attack,  please call the Service Desk immediately or use a different device (such as your smartphone) to request support and notify us

  1. To report a cybersecurity or privacy breach, a compromised device or account, provide a contact phone number via Report a Cybersecurity or Privacy Event.
  2. To report a phishing email, select the Phish-Alert Button or forward the email to




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