Installing PaperCut Client

The following instructions must be performed while on-campus or while connected through Acadia's VPN service.
Information regarding the VPN service can be found here.

The PaperCut client tool is a software component that runs on users' workstations. It is required to track printing for Faculty and Staff, however is optional for students. The PaperCut client provides services to users that enhance the printing experience.

Features that the PaperCut client tools enables:

  • Provides a convenient link to open the user web interface and knowledge base support articles.
  • Assist in message delivery, such as "printing denied" messages
  • Provides access to advanced features such as the ability to allocate print jobs to other GL or departments using shared/group accounts

To install the PaperCut client on your computer, refer to the instructions for your operating system:


Acadia owned computers by Faculty and Staff will have the PaperCut client installed automatically when you log into Acadia's domain as of Aug 21, 2017.

Any computer not joined to the Acadia domain (this includes all student systems) may install the client by downloading and running the client found here. Unzip the file, double-click "client-local-install.exe" to run the installer, then reboot to complete the installation. PaperCut client will appear with the other icons in your notification area.

* If you get an "Access Denied" message, right-click the "client-local-install.exe" file and select "Run As Administrator"


Download and run the PaperCut.dmg found here. Once the dmg has mounted, drag both the PaperCut program and plist files to the appropriate folders as directed. When dragging the plist file your Mac computer, you will need to authenticate using your Mac's username and password. Open the "Finder" program and locate the PaperCut application in the "Applications" section. Right click (or control+click) the PaperCut application and select Open. Reboot to complete the install. PaperCut client appear with the other icons in your notification area.


Download the client files here and extract them to a location of your choice. Instructions for running the client are located on PaperCut's website (skip step 2 of course).

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