How to access and navigate Papercut


Papercut is the software used to process and monitor printing on campus. The following article provides a summary of how to access and navigate the software. 

This article provides:

  1. How to access and login
  2. How to navigate


  • PaperCut can be accessed by:
    •  Right Click on the Green P in your taskbar, or navigate to a browser and enter:
    • Login using your Acadia Username and Password


Summary Dashboard

  • When you have successfully logged into PaperCut, you will see a Summary Dashboard.  It provide the number of print jobs, pages and environmental impact of your work.  
  • Select "Environmental Dashboard" hyperlink for further information. 

Transaction History

  • Students Only. Provides a list of transactions and their costs that are charged to your Student Account.  At the end of each month, your costs are transferred to your account and your balance is reset to zero. 

Recent Print History

  • Provides a list of your printing, scanning, copying, the cost and the status (i.e. printed, denied/not charged, scanned, copied). 

Jobs Pending Release

  • Provides a list of jobs pending release. This gives you an opportunity to release or cancel jobs. 

Printing Help (HUB)

  • Provides a link to the Printing/Scanning section of the HUB.

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