How to access and navigate Papercut


Papercut is the software used to process and monitor printing on campus. The following article provides a summary of how to access and navigate the software. 

This article provides:

  1. How to access and login
  2. How to navigate


  • PaperCut can be accessed by:
    •  Right Click on the Green P in your taskbar, or navigate to a browser and enter:
    • Login using your Acadia Username and Password


Summary Dashboard

  • When you have successfully logged into PaperCut, you will see a Summary Dashboard.  It provide the number of print jobs, pages and environmental impact of your work.  
  • Select "Environmental Dashboard" hyperlink for further information. 

Transaction History

  • Students Only. Provides a list of transactions and their costs that are deducted from student's AxeCash. For more information see Axcess Card Info. 

Recent Print History

  • Provides a list of your printing, scanning, copying, the cost and the status (i.e. printed, denied/not charged, scanned, copied). 

Jobs Pending Release

  • Provides a list of jobs pending release. This gives you an opportunity to release or cancel jobs. 

Printing Help (HUB)

  • Provides a link to the Printing/Scanning section of the HUB.

Axcess Card Info

  • Provides a link  to Financial Services - Campus Card. This summarizes information on the Campus Card and Axe Cash - how and where it can be used on campus. 

View/Add AxeCash

  • Link and information portal to view/add your AxeCash
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