Printing and scanning devices or issues.

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Articles relating to the PaperCut printing system

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Pinned Article A guide to printing and scanning services

This is an overview article regarding Printing at Acadia University.

Pinned Article Printing Services Index of Articles

The following article provides a Table of Contents associated with Printing Services on campus.

How to add a user to the Konica Minolta address book

Adding a user to the address book using the KM panel.

How to Connect/Install an On-Campus Acadia Printer

Article explains how to connect to on-campus printers using Windows, Mac or Linux.

How to identify and install advanced printing options

Certain devices on campus have additional features, such as stapling, sorting, folding and hole punch. These have to be added during installation. This article provides an overview of the devices and their features.

How to install your default printer

Instructions for the installation of your default printer - the printer drivers - for access to on campus printing.

How to set up Mobility Print

This article provides installation guide and further requirements for Mobility Print.

How to use Secure Print

How to securely release your print job

Solutions to common printing issues on Acadia on-campus printers

Symptoms and possible solutions for printing errors