How to update Personal Information in Colleague Self Service


Within Colleague Self-Service User Options, you are able to update and modify personal information, such as Name, Address, Emails, and Phone Number.

To access your Personal Information:

  1. Go to
  2. Log into Colleague Self Service using your Acadia Username and Password
  3. In the main menu  select User Options > User Profile 

graphic of the meain menu

Access Personal Information

  1. Select Edit Personal Identity
  2. Update Components as required.
  3. Save

Add a New Address

  1. Select Add New Address or the pencil icon to change the existing address. 
  2. Complete information as required.
  3. Select Add Address / Update Address to save.

Add Email Address

  1. Select the pencil icon next to an existing email address to change the existing email address.
  2. Complete the information as required.
  3. Select Update Email to save. 

Please note that current students and employees cannot change their preferred email address.  All official university correspondence occurs through your Acadia email address.  Your alternate non-Acadia email address is used to help verify your identity in the case of password confirmation and for emergency contact purposes. 

Alumni can update their preferred email address using this method.

Add Phone Number

  1. Select Add New Phone or the pencil icon next to an existing phone number. 
  2. Complete information.
  3. Save. 
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