WiFi (Wireless Network Connectivity) Service Overview


Acadia's wireless (WiFi) service allows you to connect your laptop, tablets and and mobile devices to the Acadia network to access the internet, restricted sites*, and resources*, such as on-campus printing, Library databases, without having to plug into a network jack.

There are four (4) different WiFi networks on campus that are available to use depending on your needs (what access, what resources, and what device). 

If you have devices, such as gaming consoles or smart home assistants (e.g., Alexa), you can register them and then connect to the wireless network Acadia-DeviceNet.
Wireless printers are not allowed on campus. To connect a personal printer, please use a USB cord.
Personal Hotspots, Wireless routers are not allowed on campus. They cause interference and disruption to wifi connectivity for all. 


Who can use this service

The table below shows the different user types and which wireless networks they may access.

Acadia faculty, staff and students 

The Acadia network should be used by ALL faculty, staff, and students to connect their computers, laptops, and/or mobile devices. This network allows access to Acadia’s online resources and Internet access while on campus. This network requires you to have an active network account which uses the same login information that you use to access, Moodle, email, etc.

To connect to this network, click on the wifi icon  in your task bar (either the bottom right for Windows, or top right on a Mac) and choose "Acadia". Here you will be prompted to enter your user name (Example: 012345s or jsmith) and your password.

Sign into the appropriate WiFi network name using your Acadia Username and Password.


This Acadia-DeviceNet  network is specifically for wireless devices that can’t authenticate to a secured network like "Acadia". This wifi network is for connecting game consoles (Xbox, Playstation, etc), Audio/Visual devices (SMART TVs, Roku, Google Home, etc).
Devices such as laptops and cell phones are not permitted to connect to lesser security of this wifi network.

Wireless printing to a personal printer is not available in residence buildings. A USB cord is required to connect your computer to your personal printer. 

See how to connect to "Acadia-DeviceNet".

Guests on campus (alumni, community members, parents, friends)

Visitors to campus can sign into the Acadia-Guest network without visiting the Service Desk. Please note that this access is limited to two hour increments. 

The Acadia-guest network is available for any visitor on campus. It allows the visitor internet access only and limited access to Acadia's online resources. This access is granted for 120 minutes at a time.

To connect to this network, click on the wifi icon   in your task bar (either the bottom right for Windows, or top right on a Mac) and choose "Acadia Guests". Your web browser should open to an Acadia webpage prompting you to enter your email address.

Conference attendees

The conference organizer can make arrangements for short term access. As a conference organizer, see the instructions for providing conference attendees access.

Once set up, conference attendees login by access the Acadia network, using their own email address and password. 

Visiting lecturers, researchers, requiring additional resources If the person requires access to resources, such as departmental shared drives, library resources and printing, a sponsor, who is a full time Acadia faculty or staff may request a Guest Account which will provide similar access as faculty, staff and students.
eduroam users from other educational institutions

Visitors to Acadia from other eduroam participating institutions can access the Acadia wireless network without having to obtain a guest account. eduroam (education roaming) is the secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community.

Students, Faculty, and Staff enjoy all of the same access from the eduroam network that they receive from the Acadia wifi network when on campus, with the added benefit of being already provisioned for eduroam when visiting other institutions.

See participating eduroam institutions in Canada and globally.

Sign into eduroam using the credentials (username and password) from your own institution.  This should be set up at your own institution before traveling. 

See eduroam - Roaming Wireless Authentication Service


How to request/access 

  • Students, faculty, staff, alumni and retirees, with valid Acadia username/password credentials
    See the Index of Wi-Fi setup articles to find instructions for your operating system.
  • Guests on campus may use Acadia-Guest (for Internet access)
    See Signing into Guest WiFi.
  • Visiting professors, researchers or temporary employees, who require access to additional resources
    An Acadia sponsor, who is a full-time faculty or staff member, must submit the Account Creation Request on your behalf. Once you have obtained Acadia credentials, you may sign into Acadia WiFi using instructions in the Index of Wi-Fi setup articles.


There is no cost associated with this service for staff and students on campus. For students the cost is covered under the IT portion of your student fees.


Wifi is available in all administrative, academic and residence buildings. Access extends to many outdoor areas on campus.

This service is available 24 X 7, except during scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. Check the Technology Services Status Portal for announcements regarding service interruptions. Opt-in for notifications. 


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the requirements for connecting to the wireless network?
    • Acadia Username and Password (except for the Guest Wireless Internet)
    • Wireless-enabled mobile devices supporting IEEE 802.11a/g/n/ac Wi-Fi protocols, with the latest drivers.
    • The device must be able to support WPA2-Enterprise security, except devices that are registered (see Register and connect a WiFi device with an assigned password).
  • How can I remove saved wireless connections from my device when my credentials have changed? 
    • See Deleting existing wireless connections


  • How can I stop my device from automatically connecting to Acadia-Guest network?
    • Follow these directions so that to change your automatic settings so that your device won't connect automatically to Acadia-Guest.


Best practices

  • Keep the drivers for your wireless card up to date. This ensures the best performance and provides you with bug and security fixes.
  • Keep your operating systems up to date, both mobile and desktop.
  • Make sure you are using antivirus software and run regular updates.
  • Make sure your firewall is on.
  • Make sure your computer is using the current date/time settings.
  • Select the most secure network at all times.  Acadia-Guest doesn't provide the same access to resources as Acadia or eduroam
  • Individual WiFi boosters are not allowed on campus. They disrupt the network for your neighbours, colleagues and peers. 


Training & documentation

How to set up network access.Article detailing how to initially create your username and password.

Internet access for gaming consoles and similar devices.

How to provide automatic connection to Acadia Guest WiFi network. This article provides the steps to stop automatically connecting to the Guest network. This ensures the most secure access to all of Acadia's resources.  


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