How to troubleshoot email access errors?


You have received an error message indicating that your email has been blocked or you simply can no longer access it on devices/applications that previously worked. 

Prerequisite: Verify whether you can access your email in an alternate location by using an online version of email or other Microsoft 365 applications. 

  1. Using your favourite browser, log into the Microsoft Portal:  
  2. If you cannot access the Microsoft Portal, please contact the Service Desk.

Overview of possible solutions

Solution 1: Delete and reinstall the offending application

The age old adage of turn it off and on applies.  After successive years of upgrading older technology with newer methods of validating your identity, it causes confusion. The problem is often referred to as "legacy authentication." Deleting your account from the application and then reinstalling it often works. 


This is generally found in the account settings section of the application that you are using.  Where ever the listing of the accounts are found, there is usually a delete/remove function. 


Reinstall your account, based on the device you are using:

Solution 2: Use the Cloud application 

Continue to access your email using the Cloud application.

  • Using your favourite browser, log into the Microsoft Portal:  ​​​​​​​
  • Locate the mail application to access your email. 


  • You now have access to your email


  • If you have trouble with the above steps, please call the Service Desk at 902-585-4357 or start a Live-Chat.

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