Adding an Accordion to your CMS Departmental Website

This article assumes that you are adding an accordion to a page that you have already created.

Click on the Articles link in the Content section and edit the article you want to add the accordion to.

Create a new element,

and position it within the article.

Change the Element Type from Text to Accordion > Single Element.

Fill out the Section headline, which is the blue headline text that will be seen in the article. This is usually the title of the section, or the question title if you are creating a Frequently Asked Questions entry. Fill in the text with your desired information.

Save the element, and you're done! Now you can view your accordion on your website. If you would like to create a number of accordions in succession (such as if you were creating a list of Frequently Asked Questions), you can choose the Save and New option to more quickly move to the next accordion you'd like to create.

Please note that when you view a webpage, the accordion stays closed until it is clicked. If one accordion is open and you click a different accordion, the first accordion will close. 





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