Getting Started With the CMS

The Contao administration interface is completely browser-based. The interface works with any browser and any operating system.

To access the administration interface of the website with your Acadia username and password:

1. Open your web browser. (Please note, there have been a few reported issues using Internet Explorer 9 or earlier) 
2. In the address bar, type the URL for the administration interface. This URL would have been provided to you during the initial setup of your site or during your training session. It should look like the following;

3. Enter your Acadia University login credentials
4. If the username and password are correct, the administration interface launches in the next window.

The Workspace

Top Toolbar
The toolbar contains basic login/logout items, as well as a quick access to the Front end preview (the view a user will see) of the site.

Content Management Area
This is where you do a bulk of the editing for the various content items on the site. These could be page text/images (or Articles), FAQ items, News Releases, Calendar Events, and reusable Content Blocks, to name a few.

The Site Structure, which is akin to a site map, where you can add, edit, and move pages within the site hierarchy in order to create menu items.

File/System Management
This section controls global settings and lets you upload files and images to the system.

Content Area
The Content Area is where most of your editing activities will take place.

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