Editing an Article

Articles are “containers” for blocks of content that can be displayed in a single layout section (LEFT, RIGHT, MAIN). An article can contain multiple different content elements, such as text, images, and tables.

To the right of each article will be the following icons:

These icons are universal throughout the CMS: you will see the same options when modifying the site structure, files, etc. They are fairly self-explanatory: 

Edit: Edit the item

Settings: Customize settings such as metadata, publication dates, etc.

Duplicate: Create a copy of the Item

Move: Move the item

Delete: Delete the Item

Publish Toggle: Click to publish or unpublish an item to/from the site

Info: Basic information about the item

When you choose to add a new item, duplicate, or move an existing item, you will see a flashing “insert” box that determines where the item will be inserted. Typically, you will use the Insert After command to put one element after the other.


Elements are sub-items within articles that can be arranged within the selected article’s content area.

Elements can take the form of a variety of content, from text to images, to file downloads to straight HTML code, and even combinations of each. For most purposes, the text element will be sufficient, as it allows you to work within a “What You See Is What You Get” Editor (WYSIWYG).

You will notice that the toolbars at the top look much the same as a common word processing application, such as MS Word. They function the same way as well. Here are some of the basics that you will be using:


Article ID: 152
Thu 12/3/15 10:05 AM
Tue 4/28/20 9:43 AM