Adding an Event to the Acadia Calendar

To add an event to the Acadia calendar. you must first have access to the main CMS as a calendar trustee. To receive this access, please submit a request for calendar access using the online portal ( 

Once you have access, visit and login using your Acadia credentials.

After you login you should see a page like the one below. Click on Events to get started.

From here, you can edit the Acadia calendar so you can start adding your own events:

Create a New Event to get started:

Add the information about your event to this section, such as the title of the event, location, day(s) it occurs and if there is a start / end time. Once you have all of this information added, click Save and Edit at the bottom to get add the event details.

If you've used the CMS for your website, you'll notice this section will look familiar. This is where you'll add the content elements for the details of your event. Start by creating a New element.

Then, choose the position you would like it to display. For the first element, you'll only have the one option:

This is where you will add the details of your event.

Once you've completed this and you're satisfied with it, it's time to publish it. Clicking on the Go Back button will take you to the list of events currently on the Acadia Calendar. Find your item in the list (they are in chronological order) and click on the Publish icon;

Your event is now live. Visit the Acadia Events Calendar to view it. If you have to make any changes to the event, simply find it in the list and click the pencil icon to edit it.



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