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Q: What is Office 365?
Office 365 is a service offered by Microsoft including all of the Office suite of applications, plus many more online features. It is available on almost all devices.

Q: Where can I get Office 365?
For Mac and PC, go to the following Knowledge Base article. For Apple devices, go to iTunes and search for Office 365. On Android, go to the Play store and search for Office 365.

Q: What applications and features are included?
All stand-alone versions of the Office apps are included: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook. On PC Office 365 also features Skype with video conferencing and OneNote. PC and Mac both feature OneDrive for online storage, and browser-based Office apps. Mobile versions of the Office apps are available for both Apple and Android devices.

Q: Will Office 365 work on my Mac? What about my tablet?
The core components (Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook) of Office 365 will work on almost any device, including phones and tablets. Microsoft continuously updates every version of Office 365 for all devices to ensure maximum compatibility.

Q: How many of my devices can I install Office 365 on?
Office 365 allows employees and students to install Office apps on up to 5 devices (includes PC, Mac, tablet and mobile), You can also access the Office 365 online apps from any browser on any computer with an internet connection.

Q: I want to install Office 365 on a new device, but I've used all of my installs. How do I deactivate an unused device?
Go to and sign in using your email address & password. Once signed in you will be taken to the Office 365 welcome page. Here you will see a white gear icon in the upper right area of your screen. Clicking the gear icon will allow to choose Office 365 Settings. From the Settings page click on Install Status; it will display your currently activated machines and an option to deactivate each. Once a machine has been deactivated, you will only be able to view files using Office 365. In order to edit, the machine will have to be reactivated.

Q: Can I use Office 365 just like Office 2010/2013?
Yes. Office 365 functions almost identically to previous versions of Office. It requires you to authenticate once using your Acadia network information; after that it will function just as any other version of Office whether you are on or offline.

Q; Will all of my previous files work?
Yes, Office 365 is 100% compatible with older versions of Office.

Q: Will I lose access to Office 365 if I have no internet access or a server goes down?
No, as long as you have downloaded and activated your apps previously, you can use Office without an internet connection.

Q: What happens when I graduate or leave Acadia?
If you graduate or if your employment is terminated, you will still be able to use Office 365 for 30 days. After those 30 days, Office will go into read-only mode. Any documents you have created will remain unaffected.

Q: Will my archived messages still work in Outlook?
Yes. You can still open your archives. However, online email storage will be increased from 300 MB, to 50 GB, about 1000 times the amount of space currently available. You may find you no longer need to archive your messages as they will be readily available on the mail server.

Q: What is OneDrive?
OneDrive is Microsoft's online storage solution. It functions similarly to DropBox and other online storage apps. Once you have signed in to Office 365 you are free to use OneDrive at your own discretion. You do not have to use it if you wish.

Q: I want to upload some files to OneDrive, how much space do I have?
Each user gets 1000 GB (1 TB) of storage space. This is about 20,000 times the amount of space each user has on our current server.

Q: I'm not interested in uploading my files, can I still open and save my files locally?
Yes. Your files will not be uploaded or shared unless you specify otherwise.

Q: I've uploaded some files to OneDrive, what happens if the OneDrive server goes offline?
Microsoft claims to have a server uptime of about 99.99% per year. Also, all OneDrive files are automatically copied your device. If for some reason a server goes down, a back up will be available on your computer.

Q: Are my online files protected?
Yes, anything you save online using OneDrive is stored on an encrypted server and can only be accessed by signing in with your Acadia network credentials. Data is currently physically located in the United States. To comply with Canadian law Microsoft and Acadia will be moving all Canadian data to Ontario and Quebec as soon as possible.

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