How to setup Office 365 email on an iPhone/iPad


This article provides some instructions for setting up your Office 365 email in your Apple device. 

Due to differences in various iOS versions, this article is a general guide and may not match your phone exactly. 

System Requirements:  

  1. iPad and iPhone require iOS 8.0 or higher. Office for iPad Pro require iOS 9.0 or higher.
  2. The iOS built in Mail app often does not work with Office 365 accounts.  Please download the Microsoft Outlook app from the app store and follow the instructions in this article to set it up.
  3. Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) authentication methods and prompts may be required.  More information regarding SSPR is available:  What is Self Service Password (SSPR) Reset


1. Download the Microsoft Outlook App from the App store. 

2. Enter the following settings: 

Your username:

Faculty and Staff (including Retirees):
Students (including Alumni and Graduate):

Additional Information that may be required:

Type of account:  Exchange, Office 365, or ActiveSync
Domain: Acadia 

3. If you are prompted for additional information, there may be other issues in play, for example:

  • Not properly connected to the Internet, and/or
  • a Timeout has occurred while configuring the account.

If you received additional prompts, confirm your Internet connection and setup your account again.


You can now access and obtain your Acadia email on your Apple device. 


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