What is Self Service Password (SSPR) Reset


Self-Service Password Reset or SSPR refers to a process for creating or changing the password required for network access.

This article provides an overview of Self-Service Password Reset as well as a launching point for various guides.

  1. What is SSPR?
  2. Change your password with SSPR?
  3. How does SSPR Work?
  4. What Verification Methods can be used?
  5. SSPR Guides

What is SSPR?

Microsoft Self-Service Password Reset is easy, fast, and safe. It works smoothly when you are on campus, off campus, and on the road.  SSPR enables users to securely reset their university account password.  

Change your password with SSPR?

To change your password in SSPR: https://aka.ms/sspr.

How does SSPR Work?

When you set up your password or need to change it, you will be asked to confirm or verify your identity so that you can change it.  You confirm your identity by “acknowledging” it through the receipt of an email, text message, push notification or phone call. 

For example, if you have forgotten your password, you can select “forgot password”. You will receive an email (or text, notification etc) to confirm the request. Once confirmed, you can follow the change password process. Sound familiar? This process is similar to many other services that you use for your personal accounts.

What verification methods can I use for setting up and changing my password?

You can use the same verification methods for SSPR as for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). You will be required to provide at least two (2) verification methods and select a default method. For SSPR, you can use:

  • Microsoft Authenticator App ** Recommended method
  • Text Messages
  • Phone Calls
  • Email (non-Acadia)

At any time, you update your verification methods at https://aka.ms/mysecurityinfo.

Please note: Security info methods are used for both two-factor security verification and for password reset. Emails can only be used for SSPR.

SSPR Guides

1.       MFA/SSPR FAQs

2.       Adding Additional MFA/SSPR Authentication Methods

  1. Set up Microsoft Authenticator App – Security Info Page
  2. Adding Phone, email or other methods

3.       Access Microsoft Security Account Setting


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