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Multi-factor Authentication, otherwise known as MFA helps fortify online accounts by enabling a second piece of information to login – like a one-time code.  It can be applied to your home accounts, such as iTunes, Netflix, Google or work accounts, such as Microsoft 365.
There are multiple services available to help manage information and collaborate more effectively. This article provides a summary of the main document collaboration options and some guidance of their use.
General Office 365 email account settings
How to set up an Office 365 account on an iPhone
How to set up an Office 365 account on an Android phone
Information regarding Office 365 for recent grads of Acadia University
This article provides an overview of Frequently Asked Questions associated with Multi Factor Authentication and Self Service Password Reset.
There are several ways you can personalize Office 365 and the Office 365 app launcher, to make it easier to use and to suit your personal style.
This Guide walks you through the initial set up and MFA enrolment.
Basic instructions on getting Office 365 (Install on up to 5 devices).
An introduction to Microsoft Forms
This article provides instructions on how to update or add additional, alternate of back up methods of contact for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Password Reset (SSPR).
Notes on how to add accounts into the various versions of the Outlook app included in Office 365
This guide will outline the process of using MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) for logging into supported applications such as Office 365 and other connected resources.
Outlook Web App information regarding access and features