How to set up a Shared Calendar

This article applies to sharing a new calendar.

1.  Log into and click on the Outlook icon.

2.  Click on the calendar icon, located on the bottom, left corner of the window.

3.  Click the + sign beside "Your Calendars".  A new blank calendar will appear at the bottom of your list of calendars.  Enter a name for the calendar you just created.

4.  Right-click the new calendar and left click "Sharing Permissions"  A window will appear on the right side.  Enter an email address of the user you wish to share with and hit enter.  Once the address is listed, you can change the desired permission level, then click on "Share".  This will send an email to the user with a link for the shared calendar.

5.  Repeat this for all users you would like to share the calendar with.



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