Keeping The Same Content in Sync: Referenced Elements

Sometimes, we want to repeat the same content on several of our webpages: the most common examples are image headers and "contact us" information. But what happens if you need to make a change? If you've simply copied or duplicated content elements, you'll have to edit each one individually. However, there's a better way: use a referenced element.

To use referenced elements, we simply create an element like usual, such as a header or 'contact us' area. Then, we go to the page where we want to repeat that content, but instead of copying it, we create a referenced element that will pull in our original content. You'll only ever need to update the original; every other page will be updated to stay in sync.


Let's say we'd like to feature our contact information on every page of our website. If we copy the contact information on every page, we'd have to update every single page each time we wanted to change the phone number or email address. Instead, we can use a referenced element.

First, create (or find) the original element that you'd like to duplicate. For example, the Safety and Security website team created a 'Contact Us' text element, and placed it in an article on their 'Staff' page.

Next, click on the blue "i" icon of the text element to see more information. Take note of the ID number of the element. Every element on the website—each text, image, etc.—has its own unique ID.

Next, edit the article where you'd like to repeat this content element. In this case, the Security team wanted to show the same contact information that they posted on their staff page on their "Services" page as well. Create a new element.

In Element Type, scroll down and choose Content Element.

Then, select the Referenced element field. You'll see a large list of elements to choose from, so we recommend simply typing in the number you jotted down earlier. Select it from the list, then hit "Save and close" and you're done! The exact same content is now in both places. Any changes made to the contact information on the staff page will be duplicated on the services page.

If you want to edit the information, go to the original article (the staff page) and edit the original content element (the 'contact us' text element). Or, edit your referenced content element. Click the pencil icon next to "Referenced element". This will bring up a window where you can edit the original content.






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