How to Map a Network Drive - Windows


Mapping a network drive is a method to connect to a shared network folder. 

Before Getting Started

Note: If you reside off-campus. You MUST be connected to the VPN before mapping a network drive. 

Instructions to connecting to VPN can be found by clicking on corresponding links below:

Windows - Setup VPN

Windows 10 Instructions Mapping a Network Drive

  1. Open the File Explorer on your task bar or from within your start menu. Right Click on the "This PC" heading on the left side and select "Map network drive"
  2. In the Map Network Drive window, choose an available drive letter from the drop down list located next to the "Drive:" option:
  3. Type the name of the folder to map
    • Departmental (S) drive: \\\departments
    • Falcon drive: \\\username
  1. Click the "Reconnect at login" checkbox if this network drive should be mapped permanently. Otherwise, this drive will un-map when the user logs out of this computer.
  2. Click Finish
  3. Enter acadia\username, substituting "username" with your Acadia username.
  4. Enter your password
  5. If the Finish operation succeeds, the network drive will be mapped. If the network drive cannot be mapped, ensure the folder name is spelled correctly, also ensure that (if necessary) the correct username and password have been entered, and that the computer network connections are functioning properly
  6. *Show photo where mapped network drive is locate.

To disconnect a mapped network drive, right-click on the drive in Computer and choose the "Disconnect" menu option.


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